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Why Having A Motive In Life Is Important

                                   ONLY I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE. NO ONE WILL DO IT FOR ME.

BY- Carol Burnett

In today’s article, I am not going to talk about any topic or something else. But I am going to talk about a single thing, without which our life is useless.

Can you guess that about what I am going to talk?

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So let’s talk about the answer and that is Motive, without a motive your life is useless.

Do you know from a rich man up to a poor man, everyone has a motive in their life. I know there will be a huge difference between the motive of these two. But at least they have a motive, do you know I have met some people in my life who are like flowing in this life without any motive. They say like they will go there where life will take them. If you also think like that then no, living life is not like that, you have to move opposite of the flow of life to be someone else, to make your own name which would be different from others.

I have made some points that why having a motive in your life is really important for you to survive in this world and that is, if you have a motive in your life then whenever you will be lonely, your mind will say you to work on that thing. You will not become lonely or free ever in your life until you have achieved your goal.

I was gone somewhere in a village, and there I see a person who was like he will wake up in the morning, take a bath, have his breakfast and guess what next would he do?

After having breakfast, he again goes to sleep.

I don’t know how he is surviving, because you know when we don’t do anything for several days when we start feeling like we need to do some work. We start feeling like to be doing some work.

There are some situations where someone becomes unable to find his/her motive of life, if you are one of them then just have a look at this article, I am sure you will get a solution or will come closer to your solution by having a thorough read of this article.

Finding Your Motive of Life

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