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Top 10 Books For Entrepreneurs

As you all know that for every single work, rather it is blogging, it can be some business or something else we all need motivation and proper guidance to do that thing, so that we can take our work to good heights.

And you must be knowing that entrepreneurship is kind of famous these day, everyone‘s thought is bending towards it. So I thought I should provide some knowledge which will help everyone of you who is admiring to be an entrepreneur. So here I am providing you a list of TOP 10 books for entrepreneurs, which will help them to be a good one-

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  1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion(Collins business essential)

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  1. The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

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  1. Good To Great: Why some companies make the leap…. And other don’t


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  1. AYN RAND: Atlas Shrugged


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  1. Crossing The Chasm: Marketing and Selling Hi-Tech Products To Mainstream Customers


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  1. The Lean Start-up- How Constant Innovation Created Radically Successful Business


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  1. Zero to one: Note on Start-ups


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  1. The Hard Thing About Hard Thing: Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers


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  1. How To Win Friends And Influence People


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  1. Foundation Trilogy



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