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The Giant Rats That Are Sniffing Out Landmines

As you all must know that nowadays many animals are used in many different types of testing or I can say they are being killed for many reasons or for the fulfilment of human needs. It can be cosmetic testing, where many different animals from dogs to rats are being used until dead in this cruel process of cosmetic testing. There are many other testing’s which are being done on these animals.

I have talked about it before you can have a look at my previous article.

Animals Used In Cosmetic Testing

Today I would not be talking about those cruel working that is being done by all of us, rather today I am going to talk about a group in Cambodia that are using the Gambian Giant Rats, that are used to find out about 2 million land mines that are spread out across the country.

These rats are nearly about a cat’s size; they have a really bad vision but do have an extraordinary sense of smell. This extraordinary sense of smell makes them the best match for their situation.

You all must have been thinking that why such landmines are available there?

Even after decades of wars, there are still many such landmines are left which are untouched and still present there. This thing has taken the lives of many people there. So for getting rid of it, they are using these extraordinary rats to find out landmines.

You all must be thinking that why these landmines don’t get active when a rat gets over it?

Sometimes these rats get over such landmines, but because of their extreme light weight, those landmines don’t get active when getting in touch with these rats. These rats are trained in Tanzania for the purpose of TNT landmine sniffing.

Have you read the article that I have told you about in the starting of this article?

If no, then you should give it a read. Because after reading both of these articles you will see a contradiction.

That contradiction is, in one side these animals are used in cosmetic testing and are killed in a large quantity daily, while on the other hand these animals are preserved and taken care by some organizations. We should think about it, we should think smartly and make everyone aware of the thing that these animals are not meant to be killed. These animals are for far more than this. We should not only think about our goodness only. Think about everyone, everyone’s life is precious, no matter it’s a human or an animal.

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