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How To Live Your Life Happily?

img_5099Before starting my today’s blog I want to ask all of you a question, why we do something?
And this something means why we do job, why we work, why ?
I think everyone’s answer would be to stay happy.
Because anything we do give us happiness in one or another way, so we can say that we live our life just to stay happy and we do work’s to live our life happily. But do you think that having money is the key for happiness??
I don’t think so, actually what I personally think is that you may have less money but happiness in your house and in your living hood must not be less. If you are happy then you can even survive with less money also. Because I have seen some families who have a lot of money but they are not happy with their life.

So I just wanted to say that do things which gives you happiness and do things which you love to do, we should not think what other will think of yourself. Once you started neglecting or ignoring what other will think of you, no one can make you unhappy and if you are happy with your life you will get everything what you want.
If you have some other things to how to stay happy in your life you can tell me by writing it in the comment section.

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