Conversion Rate Optimization

The first and the most critical question that arises in everyone’s mind who actually don’t know what conversion rate optimization is that, what it is actually?
It is a form which is basically for website owners, who wants to sell their products more and more.
Let us start with an example- Assume that you are a shop owner, so whenever a customer comes to your shop you want that, the person came to your shop should become a regular customer of your shop, regular customer means buying needy products for him from your shop most of the time. Because once he became a customer who buys products from your shop whenever he comes to your shop, then you will have a massive profit in your business.
Same like shops, if a person has a website and he is providing some services or selling some products through their website, then the website owner will always want that whenever a visitor comes to your site, they should become their regular customer. In this case, a website to his owner is same as a shop to a shopkeeper, both want to sell more and more products, both wanted to provide more and more services to their customers in exchange of which they will ask reasonable money, which will lead them to increase the rate of profit. In short words I can say that it is the rate of conversion of a visitor coming to your site and getting converted into your customer, that’s basically known as the conversion rate and doing some steps to increase that conversion rate from a visitor to a customer is known as conversion rate optimization. It is also known as website optimization.
Conversion Rate Optimization also is known as CRO, which is the short form of it, is basically the most essential factor for those who was owning an e-commerce site, because someone goes to such sites only with a mind of buying something only, no other thought he has in their mind which viewing an e-commerce site. But there were some points like people usually see their website and just goes off without buying anything from them, so the main motive of e-commerce site owners was to make their viewers a customer, their purpose was that whenever someone views their site they should never go off without buying anything or without becoming a customer of their website. It’s from the year the early 2000s that the competition for an e-commerce site was increasing every second, more and more new e-commerce sites were being introduced, every such site comes with a new and a better offer than the other site, so there was a huge competition going between these e-commerce site owners. That was the time when all the marketers started thinking about that how they can make every visitor their customer, they started thinking about changes they can make in their websites for attracting more and more new visitors daily, that time web designing took new heights.
Up to this time, all the e-commerce site owners had come to know that not only they have to change the designs of their websites, but there are many other factors which they actually have to change for increasing the conversion rate of a visitor of their site to their customer. In 2004, many new tools for CRO was getting introduced daily, there was a massive splash in the number of Conversion Rate Optimization tools during this time. People started using these tools, parallel to that they were beginning investing their time in web designing and all. I am not saying that there was no change in the conversion rates after spending in web designing and using those Conversion Rate Optimization tools, they were putting some sound effects, but not according to the site owners thoughts. The e-commerce site owners were thinking of getting more and more new customers and fetching more and more profits, but they were unable to do so. After working on their web designs, they were starting working on their content, and surprisingly it worked. They began making variations in their content. Some changes that they made in the web designs were like- they worked on the theme of their sites, they made their sites more catchy and attractive, made them filled with colors so that it looks good. They also worked on the speed of their website, because at that time speed was an essential factor as the speed of internet was not that much, that we can get today. After making changes in their websites designs, they started working on their content and started making variations in them, some of the difference that they made in their content was- Started using simple language that everyone comes to know that about what they are actually talking, they started working on Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a term which helps your site, or your webpage ranks on Google better, which means whenever someone uses the keyword you must have put in your content, then your website will be shown on the top of the search list. They started working on both off-page SEO and on-page SEO, started making backlinks, backlinks were like taking your site’s viewer to some other product or article of your location by clicking on some particular keyword.
In 2007, Google introduced it’s Google Website Optimizer, which was something like gold to those who want to work on the conversion rates of making visitors their customers. Google Website Optimizer was a free tool for all the websites owners who needed converting their traffic into customers of their site. This free tools introduced by Google usually works on the HTML code of the page, by making some changes in the fonts, themes, pictures. I can say everything that a viewer would be able to see and make it look more functional so that the viewer spent more time on their sites and hence becomes a loyal customer of that site.
On 1 August 2012, Google introduced a new feature called Google Analytics, website owners are using Google analytics today also and making massive changes in their sites for enhancing them. Basically with Google Analytics, Google gave permissions to website owners to have a look at the traffic of their location, that from where the traffic is coming, how much time is someone spending time of their location, which page of their website is more viewed, which one is less viewed, conversion rates and many other essential features. With the use of Google Analytics, the site owner was able to make considerable changes in the conversion rates of their sites, it helped them a lot.
Right now, in the modern day websites, there are many new things have been introduced related to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), new marketing techniques are their, advertisement methods have been changed a lot and much more stuff. There was a new marketing technique that was introduced which almost improves the complete view of marketing, and that was Direct Response Marketing. In direct response marketing what actually happens is that it is a type of sales technique designed basically for an on-the-spot response, which makes the customer take some action by opening or watching the advertisement offer. This created a massive change in the advertising and marketing area, and it was straightforward to set up and was able to set it up within no time, and the results were astonishing.
There were some tests introduced which were known as A/B Split testing, it was a type of analysis which was being done in between two samples for example sample- A and sample- B because of which it gets his name A/B Split testing. After the test, it shares statistics with us, which is basically the difference in between both the samples put for the test. It helped site owners for enhancing the Conversion Rate in a way that when the stats of two different sample comes as a result, then they came to know that what’s the difference in them. Then accordingly, the site owners make changes in their examples for enhancing them and providing their website reasonable and increased conversion rates of a visitor to converting into their customer. This test was also known with two other names, that was bucket tests and the other name was the split-run testing, mostly it was recognized with the name of A/B Split Testing.
Response tracking was also an excellent method for having a clear eye on the response of their visitors viewing their site. Response tracking feature tracks the response of every single visitor for every only answer they had made. Some posts or products get a proper reply while some other won’t, but after knowing the answer their products or posts are getting the site owners were able to make changes to the posts which were getting low responses.
There were some other optimizations that site owners made some of them were optimizing their emails, advertising on radio and putting forward more print campaigns. But this was all possible because of one single test, and that was audience testing. Audience testing was a type of test, we can’t say this thing a test actually we can say that this was the things that site owners audience wants from them. With this testing they came to know that optimizing emails, putting forward radio advertisements and print campaigns will help them in increasing the Conversion Rate, so they made changes and optimized their emails, radio advertisements, and print campaigns.
This was all about Conversion Rate Optimization and how Conversion rates changed and affected websites and the whole Internet.

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