Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense?

When I started blogging, about 6 months back at that time I started writing blogs just because I was having nothing else to do. Slowly it became my passion and I started writing because of my passion. But at that time I was not knowing about Google AdSense and I was not even aware of that, that we can even earn from blogging. Then I slowly started knowing about Google AdSense and all.

I have joined many Bloggers group, and I frequently see there that all are running towards or I can say rushing towards Google AdSense approval as it’s the only way to earn by blogging. If you all think like that then let me tell you that it’s not the truth. There are many other ways too to earn by blogging.

In this article, I would be talking about 4 ways to earn by blogging other than Google AdSense-

  1. Affiliate Marketing- Have you heard about affiliate marketing before, if no then let me tell you that by this method you can earn a whole lot of money. The things you have to do is that just make an affiliate account, it can be from Amazon Affiliate, flip kart Affiliate or any other affiliate linking market and after making that account you have to just put relevant links on your blog, but the links should be like if you are writing about dogs then you can put links of dog food and dog products. People who read your blog will click on those links and whenever they buy the product from your provided link you will earn money.      Snakebite treatment

  1. Get Paid To Write Reviews- There are many people out there you can find online who will pay you to write reviews on their provided products. You can even connect to a company, they will provide you products and you just have to review it. You can even go for books reviews. I too have done a book review but that was a free review, you can have a look from here- Book Review- 1

  1. Promote And Market Your Own Product- Promote and sell your own products. This would be the best thing you can ever do. Promoting your own product and that also for free of cost. I have seen many business people who are promoting their own products by making ads on their own blogs and sites and they are earning a huge amount of money by doing these things.

  1. Accept Donations- Last but not least, the easiest thing is to accept donations. For doing so you just have to add a new plugin which will make your site to accept donations and that’s it. If anyone liked your content and if they want then they will donate you some amount of money of their choice. It’s that easy.

You can earn by doing the freelancing work too, have a look at this article to know more about it- How to earn money by freelancing to make money online

I have talked about 4 ways; it does not mean that there are only 4 ways. There are many other ways to earn by blogging without AdSense.

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