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Artificial Intelligence- Future Is Here

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Before starting today’s blog I want to ask you all a question that where you all must have heard about Artificial Intelligence?

In your android phones and AI Camera that’s it.

But do you know AI is more than that, nowadays AI has been used in many places and is used in the best possible way it can be? Today in this article I am going to tell you about the places where AI is used at its best except just in our mobile phones and such products.

  1. Finance- You all must have been thinking that what will AI do in the Finance sector, but AI can and is doing many works there. Some works that are right now done with the help of AI are-
  • Currency Conversion- The work of currency conversion is done by AI, as it’s the best and faithful way we can ever have.
  • Fraud Detection- Fraud detection consist of records and such data which will help such sectors at its best.
  • Customer Analytics- It consists of customer’s reports and graphs.
  • Market Position Prediction- AI is going to help such sectors to predict the upcoming opportunities for them.
  1. Healthcare- In the health care sector, it’s used at enhancing patient care and addressing needs for accessibility and affordability through machine learning.

It’s also being used in the cases of surgeries and all, in such cases, AI provides a proper picture of the bone or area where the surgery has been taking place.

  1. Social Services- AI has been taken to the next step for his help in Social Service. In this part, AI helps someone like – to find a hospital, to find social help centers and so on.

There are many such factors in which AI is helping and developers are enhancing it day by day so that we would be able to get as much help as possible in every sector of our life. They are developing it in such a way that within coming years we would be able to see AI in every sector.

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