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Animals Used In Cosmetic Testing

Do you like makeup and all?

Which brand makeup do you use?

Do you know these makeups that you use are first tested on animals?

Do you know how many different animals are died daily just because of this cruel testing that’s being done on them?

Let me start with the numbers first-


A rough overview says that more than 100 million animals get killed because of this animal testing. This number includes mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds. But who cares about them, there is really less number of individuals who are actually fighting hard to get it stopped. To stop all these cruel work.

When I was collecting all the information to write this article I was like so scared just be reading all those things that are being done with these animals.

What actually is being done with them?


Have a look at the testing’s that are being done with different animals.

  • Rats and mice- Scientists use rats and mice for their testing’s just because their biological and behavioral characteristics are the same as humans. Many other human conditions take place in both of them.

  • Frogs- They are used because the organs present in them are similar enough to humans. Scientists do testing and check what organs are affected by the testing.

  • Dogs- Dogs used in these researches for investigating on their heart, lungs, and diseases related to them.

  • Rabbits- Rabbits are the most commonly used animals to be used in such researches. They are most common because they small and are really cheap to maintain rather than any other animal.

  • Hamsters- They are used in researches to know about if their product is infectious or not, their body react same as a humans body would react.

  • Guinea pigs- First of all they have many biological similarities like humans and the other fact is that they are mammals.

  • Monkeys- Monkeys are used in such researches when they don’t have any other species to test on.

  • Fish- They are used instead of rats and mice, just because they cost lower than others.

  • Birds- Birds are basically used as a model of aging in biomedical researches.


What’s the main factor that why these animals are used, do we have any alternate option for this?

If we say that there are no alternatives for animals cosmetic testing, then we would be wrong. Because there are alternate methods or options rather than using those innocent animals who have not done any harm to anyone, even when they are being killed for no reason.

There are actually 2 methods other than using animals-

  1. Using human tissues- We can use human tissues to test those cosmetics or products on, and with this method, no animal would be harmed. We would be able to save those innocent. Just think about the change this thing could make. JUST THINK……..

  1. Using human volunteers- The another method which we can use in cosmetic and product testing is using human volunteers. Using humans for product testing by providing some money.

If we have the alternate methods or options then why are we unable to use them?

It’s the last but the most important paragraph of this article with the main question. So if we have alternate options rather than using those innocent animals, then where are we lacking behind? Why are we not using the alternate methods? Why are we unable to stop this killing? WHY???……

See, what I think is that they are using those innocent animals because they cost them less, rather than using human tissues or human volunteers. I don’t know why and how these people have become a non-human, who are killing innocent animals just for the sake of their profit. I don’t know why these people have no feelings. I DON’T KNOW…………

Do you know why?


I would love to see your response on this article.

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