With the help of The Storyteller, we want people to know about those small things that most of us forget to tell about. With this we want to spread knowledge about Lifestyle, Blogging TIps and Entrepreneurship in the peoples who are actually willing and working really hard to achieve their goals.


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              About The Author

Hi, my name is Pushkar Mehta and I am a blogger, content creator, freelancer, author, and an SEO writer. I started The Storyteller before because I was lonely and no one was there to talk with me, on those days I used to write 1 article daily and slowly people started coming to my site and started appreciating my work. I love this thing when someone appreciated your work, it made me the happiest in the world. From that day I thought to take blogging seriously and provide such type of content that people want me to write about. After some weeks noticing myself, I came to a result that I am best in which stream and I started providing content on those genres only.

Anyone wants any type of help from me can mail me at thestoryteller129@gmail.com