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10 Ways To Be Mindful At Work

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Now a days we have lots of problems in our life that we are unable to focus on one thing at a time and so is while we are working, at that time we are also unable to focus only on our work. These days we are like if we are sitting somewhere we are […]


How To Market Your Business?

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We all have some hidden talent in us, that doesn’t matter that you are educated or not, that doesn’t matter you are rich or poor. We have something special in all of us; the main point is to finding it. Some people find it very soon in their life, some are able to find it […]

Love and Life

Finding Peace In Nature

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Once I had gone to Himachal Pradesh and that was my first time also going there. See you could imagine if you ever had got a chance to go there that how excited and full of enthusiasm I would be. I was actually so excited that when I got the news that we will be […]