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16 Possible Cancer Symptoms

Cancer, this single word is enough to shock someone, this is such an illness which if not got caught at an early stage, then the person is going to pay massive loss of his life for that mistake. So today, we are going to talk about 16 symptoms which you can have a look with the help of which you can catch the beginning of cancer symptoms in your body.
• Types of Cancer- There is a different type of cancer’s which affects the other kind of body parts. Some of the most common types of cancer are Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Colon cancer, Lung cancer, Skin cancer and many more. But today we are going to talk about types of cancer symptoms for these three different body parts which are-
1. Cancer Symptoms for Skin
2. Cancer Symptoms for Lungs
3. Cancer Symptoms for Breast
We are going to talk about only these three types because these are such body parts for cancer which are found mostly affected and symptoms for such body parts do not get caught easily. It is the main reason that we are going to talk about only cancer symptoms for these three body parts.
o Cancer Symptoms for Skin- Skin, it is a type of thing which is the most interactive with outer particles, such as dust, sun, water, and many such things. There are many different symptoms for skin cancer, which you can have a look at and can go for early treatment for the problem. There are such symptoms on the skin, which usually looks normal but they are not. Some signs of skin cancer are-
1. Actinic Keratosis- In this case, you will see a small patch or small patches on different body parts of a person such as head, neck, and hands. That would be a red patch that has a white coloured puss filled in the centre. It is caused by going to much in the sun directly.
2. Actinic Cheilitis- This symptom of skin cancer has its another name called Farmer’s lips. In this case, you will see a small red patch on the lower lips area of a person. You are going to feel rough lips at the area the person have that red patch.
3. Cutaneous Horns- If you can see any red patch which is growing towards outside in the shape of a funnel, then it is a symptom of skin cancer.
4. Atypical Moles- This is not a cancer symptom, but it can be a skin cancer symptom, it’s better to consult your doctor early.
5. Melanoma- It’s the most severe skin cancer symptom; in this case, there might be red or black colour patches on your skin.
6. Bowen Disease- If you can see a brown coloured patch, which is continuously increasing towards outward, then it is a severe symptom.
o Cancer Symptoms for Lungs- As I told above that in the case of internal organs, one should have an in-depth look at the changes that the body is making and should always know about that what that symptom leads too. These come under stomach cancer and are cured with stomach cancer drugs and with stomach surgery. Some of the significant cancer symptoms for lungs are-
1. Cough- If I talk about cough then, in this case, you should have a look that is your cough getting worse day by day, because if it is going to, then you should surely go to a doctor. The cough can be from some other problem but, confirm it for sure that is it not developing cancer, as we all say that precaution is better than cure.
2. Chest Pain- If you are having chest pain, cough and you are hardly able to breathe, you are taking deep breaths, then it is not a good sign that your body is showing. You should consult a doctor in such case because cancer is a type of thing which can cure if caught at an early stage.
3. Coughing up Blood- If your cough is getting worse day by day and you also started coughing up blood then going to your doctor, having some tests is a must. Because coughing up blood is not a thing that you see daily, it shows that something terrible is going inside your body.
4. Respiratory Problems- If you are also facing respiratory issues like unable to breathe and many such problems then these problems can be noticed as lungs cancer symptoms. As these are inner stomach body parts, this comes under stomach cancer, for which one has to go for stomach surgery and stomach cancer drugs.
5. Common Problems- Some symptoms which are so common and are left unnoticed are swollen lymph nodes, weakness, weight loss and many such common problems can be seen under as a symptom for lungs cancer.
o Cancer Symptoms for Breast- This was a must talk point, because girls do a whole lot work as compare to anyone else, but I don’t know why they get lowered when it comes of taking care of themselves. Many breast cancer symptoms are left ignored by girls, which lead to high illness and sometimes death. It is also a type of stomach cancer, to prevent these symptoms, one must follow stomach cancer preventions, or they have to go for stomach surgery and stomach cancer drugs. Some of the significant Symptoms of Breast cancer are-
1. Swelling Under arms- If a person can see some changes in her body and can notice that there is some swelling under her arms, then you should consult your doctor as this thing can be full of risk.
2. Nipple skin changes- If you can see some changes in the skin of nipple of your breast if you can see, that your nipple does not have the same skin that it was before. Then you should go to your doctor and not make it ignored, because if you neglect it today, then you can face any problem in future.
3. Change in feel, size, and shape- If you feel that there is some change in the feeling of the skin of your breast if you feel any difference in size and shape of your breast. Then, in this case, you should go for your doctor to know why these changes are happening and should get to the point.
4. Unusual Discharge- If you have seen some changes in nipples of your breast like it shows some abnormal discharges because these unusual discharge from your nipples is not a common thing. So you should know about it more, that why this problem is happening and how you should cure it.
5. Common Problems- There are also some common problems which also can see, as a symptom of breast cancer, that is redness on the area, thickening or puckering of the skin.

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