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10 Ways To Be Mindful At Work

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Now a days we have lots of problems in our life that we are unable to focus on one thing at a time and so is while we are working, at that time we are also unable to focus only on our work. These days we are like if we are sitting somewhere we are present their physically but we are somewhere else mentally. These things are quite normal if they happen with us when we are not doing anything, when we are free at home or somewhere else but if this thing happens with us while we are working, then we will have for pay for it really hard. I am here to provide you some tips by which you would be able to be more mindful, conscious and aware of everything happening around you at work. I don’t say that with these tips or with these ways you will never become unconscious during your working time but you would be able to tackle such problem up to a limit.

So here are 10 ways to be more mindful at work-

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  1. BE CONSCIOUSLY PRESENT- To be mindful at work which means to be consciously present at your work, present in what you are doing, while you are doing it, as well as managing your mental and emotional state. Be present in whatever you’re doing, weather you think that it’s important or not.
  2. USE SHORT MINDFUL EXERCISES AT WORK- Even one minute of consciously connecting with one of your senses can be classified as a mindful exercise. You don’t need to close your eyes; you don’t even need to sit down for doing the exercise. Spend one minute every hour fully connecting with one of your senses.
  3. BE A SINGLE-TASKER- Nobody can actually multitask, your brain is madly switching from one thing to the next, often losing data of the things you were doing in the process. To tackle thing problem challenge you to switch off your email notifications or message notifications to work only on one single thing.
  4. USE MINDFUL REMINDERS- Being on auto-pilot means that you’re not fully present and awake to the opportunities and choices around you. By using some form of reminder, you can be mindful again. The reminder shakes you out of the auto pilot mode. Set a timer to go off three times a day, to remind you to be awake and present to the here and now.
  5. SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP- Effective leaders, workers and entrepreneurs slow down and reflect to make the best decisions and actions, they slow down to speed up. So next time whenever you catch yourself rushing, stop. You’ll save energy and make less mistakes too.
  6. MAKE STRESS YOUR FRIEND- If you want to make stress your friend, you need to change the way you think about it and in turn your body’s response to it. Mindfulness can help you achieve this change in perception. To do so spend a few minutes researching the benefits of stress to shift your mind-set.
  7. FEEL GRATITUDE- Actively practising gratitude makes you feel better and has a positive impact on your creativity, health, working relationships and quality of work. Write down one thing every day that you’re grateful for about your work. Even if it’s a very small thing.
  8. CULTIVATE HUMILITY- Humility is often confused with meekness or timidity but they’re not the same. Humility does not mean seeing yourself as inferior; rather, it means being aware of your natural dependence on and equity with those around you.
  9. ACCEPT WHAT YOU CAN’T CHANGE- Acceptance lies at the heart of mindfulness. It means to accept yourself, just as you are now, acknowledging the truth of how things are at this time before trying to change anything. Take a few moments each day to remind yourself ‘I am good enough’ just the way I am.
  10. ADOPT A GROWTH MINDSET- Expect and move towards challenges, seeing them as opportunities for inner growth. Doesn’t mind getting negative feedback- view it as a chance to discover something new.

6 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be Mindful At Work

  1. I read your blog after a while. Like the way you expressed each subheading shortly. Your this blog looks like that it will make a great mind-set at work.
    Will try atleast one of thing today while on work.

    1. Thankyou so much brother for appreciating my work and what else i need if you are able to become good with the help of my content.
      Thanks alot

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