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In this race of living our life we all are running fast for getting something, for achieving some goals in our life. We all have different goals in our life, but do you know there are some things which are common and for which we all are running.

That’s money and respect.

You must be thinking that I gave the first preference to money, and then to respect. But that’s the actual life my dear friends. Today money has become more important than person’s respect.

What do you guys think which is more important money or respect?

I think both are important to live nowadays, we can’t live without any one of these things. But respect is the most important thing for which we all work, if we have no respect then you must have a lot of money it’s all useless for you. So in today’s article I am going to talk about 10 things which will provide you 100% respect, so let’s get started-

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  1. BEING ON TIME- Are you one of them who reach late on every function you goes on?

If yes, then I must tell you that your respect is in danger brother. Being punctual would be one of the greatest achievements you could ever have. Let’s assume that you have to make a project, you completed it with your full efforts but you are unable to submit it on time, then you’re all hard work that you put on that project vanishes. So rule number one, to be punctual, to be on time everywhere every time.

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  1. WORK ETHIC-First of all before moving further let’s learns about what actually work ethic means.

So work ethic is actually the principal that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. In simple words it means that if you put your hard work into any work you do, you are definitely going to get good reward out of that work.

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  1. EFFORTS- As I told about work ethics, the other point which is same as that is efforts. The amount of efforts you put on your work they will surely pay you one day.

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  1. BODY LANGUAGE- See we do a lot of work to make money and for living our life, because of which I think that being tired or feeling tired is okay. But the main point is that you should not look tired, this thing will really add up your respect in places wherever you will go.

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  1. ENERGY- You should be full of energy to do more and more work, no matter how much work you have done before. You should be always ready to do work with full energy.

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  1. ATTITUDE- Attitude is the most important factor, everything depends on your attitude. Someone’s attitude towards you also depends upon your attitude towards that person. Once you have got hands over your attitude you can win the whole world.

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  1. PASSION- Passion is the key to success. If you are working on your passion, then you are really going to succeed in your life.


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  1. BEING COACHABLE-There are some people who thinks that they know everything and they are type of persons who if someone is telling them something which will help them in their work, they will not listen to it because they think they know everything. But it’s a huge mistake of them, we should be like if someone tells us something good then we should obey them and should work like the way they told us. Not every time we are right.

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  1. DOING EXTRA- Think that you are doing a 9 to 5 job, but with that job you are also doing some part time work also and that part time work is the extra work you do and that will surely pay you.

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  1. BEING PREPARED-Being prepared for every possible challenge to face in your life is the most difficult thing to do. You have to think 2 steps ahead every time in this case.



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