10 Brilliant Topic Ideas To Write When You Run Out Of Ideas

When I started writing blogs, at that time I started writing blogs just as a hobby and I was used to write on any topic that I think is good or interesting, sometimes I wrote about any learning that I had learned from any personal experience. Then slowly this became my daily habit, and I started writing one article per day.

But after some weeks, the thing that happened is I was unable to find any new topic to write my article on, and I am sure that this thing has happened with everyone that at one point you are unable to get new topics and you are even unable to think about one.

Today in this article I am going to share some ideas about topics on which you can write a new article any time, and any time means any time. I guess with this you will never run out of topics. I am going to share 12 topic ideas, so let’s get started-

  1. Share any of your personal experience- When I ran out of topic ideas then this is the first thing I try to do, this is my favourite topic to write an article on, you can even have a look at my previous articles most of them would be on some real experience based. And the 2nd thing is that by writing such articles, I make myself free. Because when I go through some bad experience then at that time we all need someone who can listen to us, who can listen to everything that happened with us, not forgetting the solution of that problem, but just to make your heart feel free, and let me tell you that this thing actually works. You should try it once and I am sure that this is surely going to work.

  1. Write about Tips and Tricks- When you are out of topics and your topics are not doing well, at that time if you want to get a topic idea and you also want to make your post reach most people out there then this is the best idea you can ever have and the best idea you will ever write on. I usually post such tips and tricks content under blogging tips niche only, you can write your article on anything.

Like- Tips and Tricks to increase your typing speed, Tips and Tricks to earn money online

Such content is the best to write on, because such content has the most of online searched, most of the organic traffic comes through such topics.

  1. Food Lovers- There are many people who just use their whole internet data in searching content based on food only. Such people usually watch videos in which food is being prepared or reading an article which tells them to make food items.

one of my friends, I can’t mention his name but he is so much in this thing that he wakes up in the morning and after that he just watch such videos only, he doesn’t prepare food by watching the video but he just enjoys food being prepared in the video only, and even he doesn’t read articles like this he just watch videos.

  1. Travelling Lovers- You can write about like the best places one can visit in different places, you can even have a look at my site because I have also posted such content. I just love travelling, but there is a thing that’s called…., what we call is …….?????

Yeah, MONEY.

I don’t have enough money to travel.

Okay, tell me that if you had enough money to travel somewhere, where will you go first?

Everyone should answer this.

  1. Entrepreneurship- It is the most searched thing on the Internet nowadays, it’s the hottest keyword right now. If you are out of topic then you can write an article related to entrepreneurship. Oh before writing your article have you check mine article that I have written under Entrepreneurship on my site. If you haven’t checked them yet, then you should have a look at them because they are worth giving a read, you are going to learn many new things with the help of them. I will provide the link of every article that I wrote under Entrepreneurship in the last of this article.

  1. Making Money Online- By the way in the previous point I wrote that entrepreneurship is the hottest keyword right now to write an article on, but making money online is also the hottest keyword on which you can write an article. Under such a topic you can tell everyone how one can make money online if they don’t have a job. There are many fake tricks and people easily get into those fake tricks just for earning money easily without doing anything, but there are many sites which make you earn money, by providing them with your service and that too by sitting at home only.

  1. How To- You must be thinking what have I wrote and what am I trying to say?

I am trying to say, that you can write on a topic like how to get more followers on your Instagram page, how to gain weight, how to make money, how to make a WordPress site and many such. There is a site that just posts such content only and that’s

That’s a brilliant site and provides us with the right and best knowledge about anything we search. I just fall in love with this site. Now if I ever have to search like HOW TO, I directly go to this site and directly search that thing in their search box. You can have a look at it; you will fall in love with this site too.

  1. Write about any trending topic- If you are out of topic and want to write a type of article that will provide you with good organic traffic too, then I will suggest you go with this idea. You can search or have a look at any trending topic going on these days and write it with complete knowledge. You can even have a look at Google Trend, you can search any keyword there are have a look that how is this keyword working these days if it’s in trending then you can write on that keyword too.

  1. Facts and Quotes article- You can write an article which comprises of valuable facts and motivational quotes, motivational quotes and motivational things that motivate people is the most searched thing online. Because everyone works hard to reach their dream but sometimes we get out of motivation and many people in search of motivation come online. You can have an idea from the posts that I had written on my site.

  1. Interview someone- You can interview someone who has achieved some goal in their life and you can write about their lifestyle and about the things that they do daily and can also write about those things that made them get closer to their dream.

As I told you that I will provide you with the links of some of the previous articles that I have talked about in some points, so here they are-

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